Security LifeStyle.Your Security Resource Abroad. 24/7.

A global network of former Senior US Embassy Officials committed to assisting US travelers abroad.

Who would you call if you were detained by local police while abroad?
How would you go about filing a police report if you were robbed or attacked?
What would you do if you were accused or implicated in a crime?
How would you know your rights under local law or if you need an attorney?
How and when do you need to inform the US Embassy of an incident?

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We believe that privacy and security, as well as the tranquility of our customers are primordial.

  • Access:
    24/7 access to a local security expert from the moment you join our program.
  • Personalized Security Brief:
    A personalized and updated security summary on your mobile with all alerts and recommendations in the country and area you visit.
  • Instant Reaction:
    Get in immediate contact with our Control center 24/7 through the SOS of your mobile.
    Information and immediate reaction of our control center and its emergency contacts in case of a security or protection incident without going through a call center or intermediary.
  • Proactive Support:
    Our presence in the country gives us the ability to help our clients proactively: helping to communicate with the local police, obtaining legal assistance if necessary, updating emergency contacts, improving procedures, etc.
  • Ongoing Security Advice:
    Our local Control Center (COC) will serve as a continuous source of information on security problems in the country of visit, and is ready to answer any questions you may have before or during your visit.
  • Local Contacts:
    Our presence in the country allows our Point of Contact (PoC) to access local contacts quickly and directly, and help our clients in the most efficient and timely manner.

Dentro del programa tendrá acceso a nuestra app GeoBox , que permite la comunicación directa con nuestro Centro de Control 24 horas y el envío de SOS, siempre que necesite ayuda.

GeoBox connected app nos permite:

  • Envío de alertas:
    • Botón SOS
    • Botón OK
  • Informes de riesgo país de destino
  • Alertas generales por país de destino
  • Conocer su ubicación en el mapa cuando pulse el botón SOS.
  • Comunicación chat

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